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We've discovered a number of derelict ships in your patrol sector. We need you to take your robot and go check them for salvage, and as always we will pay credits, no questions asked, for recovery of sensitive documents or genetic samples.

Be warned, we have detected signs of automated defense systems on all of these ships, so be prepared for at least some level of opposition.

-The Corporation

\\===REPORT ENDS===//

Zero G - Space Salvage is a game about retrieving 'Abandoned' objects from derelict spaceships, while fighting the greatest enemy of all. Physics! Also robots that want to kill you.

Made by Graduates of Teesside University, with support from Teesside University.



Oceloid Interactive ( @OceloidDev)

Hexdragonal Games ( @Hexdragonal)

Install instructions

Unzip and double click!


ZeroG-Final Build.zip 127 MB